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Clothing backlog over ten years to sell large data tell you what

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   In late April, Guangzhou has entered the summer, the workshop sewing workers in Dongguan are in winter clothes; early spring each year in February, New York, Milan Fashion Week, the major clothing brands will be competing on the new conference held in autumn and winter clothing market is so ...... a need to predict consumer demand for the industry.

   LV, CHANEL may be able to gamble fashionable, but for the vast majority of clothing manufacturers, the anticipation for next year's trends, consumer preferences, is definitely a very super big headache problem.
   Big data throughout the industrial chain

   2014, high inventory rate the apparel industry, many brands and even up to 40%, the highest in a decade inventory. Next 1--3 years, China's garment industry will face a cancellation or stock of the war.





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